About Us

ballbet贝博官网, we are dedicating ourselves to CO2 and Dry Ice. In the thirty years of China's economic boom, our professional experience has benefited from the various needs of our customers and the various changes in the market. Based on knowledge and experience in Carbon Dioxide recovery and Dry Ice application, ballbet贝博官网 have been creating more additional value for our customers. From the CO2 production or recovery plant to storage, cylinder filling, dry ice making and even dry ice blasting, it‘s all ballbet贝博官网. This ability to provide matched components benefits our clients as they can comfortably develop and grow their business without changing suppliers. We believe that with the performance of our innovative products and services, we will certainly give you a greater competitive advantage. We look forward to playing our advantage to ensure that you reach your goal.

Dry Ice Instant Delivery

Professional distribution, efficient delivery to our customers.

Dry Ice Quality Assurance

Committed to providing customers with food grade dry ice.

Dry Ice Factory

We have Factory for Dry Ice production in Guangzhou and Zhuhai City.

One Stop Service

We provide one stop service for Dry Ice and turn key project for Carbon Dioxide.

Our Advantage

There are three liquid carbon dioxide plants, which can be delivered to the whole South China area in time. Our CO2 liquefaction device has many invention patents; And our company has several experts in the industry.