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    Zhuhai Spring Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd, Located in Hengqing New Area,Zhuhai City. The experts in Consulting, Design, Fabrication, Installation and Service for full range of products of Carbon Dioxide. We provide Liquid CO2,Dry Ice with food grade, Dry Ice Blasting Service, Cabon Dioxide Recovery System and Consulting Service.

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    In all fields of the national economy, carbon dioxide has a very wide range of uses. Widely used in beverage, welding, fire fighting, greenhouse cultivation, oil displacement, food storage and other industries. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, the temperature is minus 78.5 degree, it will direct transform to gas and disappear in the atmosphere, with a rapid freezing effect, safe and non-toxic, leaving no traces, does not cause any pollution. So, Dry Ice are widely used in food and medicine, power electronics, Aerospace, precision casting, rubber and petrochemical, printing, medical beauty, refrigeration transport, automobile manufacturing and maintenance, catering and stage special effects, and many other fields.

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    Provide all range of Dry Ice with food grade; Provide Equipments for Carbon Dioxide Recovery,Generation,Storage,Supply and Filling; Provide Equipments for Dry Ice Fabrication, Storage and Blasting; Provide Dry Ice Blasting Service and Technical Consulting.

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    CO2 Recovery, Storage, Supply; Dryice Equipemnts



    Technical Consulting, Dry Ice Blasting